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Xp-6000 refillable cartridges

The cartridges are single use chips that must be replaced after every refill. The single-use chips are  Epson 302XL cartridges. Replacement single-use chips are available on our website.

Our refillable cartridges allow you to use your printer without spending more money than you have to on original EPSON cartridges. Refilling these cartridges is easy thanks to their transparent design and convenient ink plugs.

The cartridges are Sell empty . It is essential that you use an ink specifically formulated to work in EPSON Expression Premium printers. For guaranteed performance and print quality for documents and photos, we strongly recommend HTS  ink formulation. It is also possible to use these cartridges with a speciality ink like our  Sublimation Ink or our PIGMENT INK.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Replacement single use chips are available on our website. It is recommended to purchase an extra set in advance to avoid inconvenience. If you intend to print large volumes, you should consider the purchase of a different printer (ex: WF-7210/7710) to avoid the expense of replacing the chip after each refill.

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