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Sublimation Heat Transfer Printing Fabric Direct Subli to Cotton Material on T Shirts

Printing Steps:

1.Place The Fabric on the Heat press Plate.

2.Put The Rough Side of the subli-cotton on the fabric.

3.Place the printed side of the sublimation paper on the subli-cotton and press

4.Set a recommended time and temperature of (190 celsius and 60 seconds)-374 fahrenheit.

5.Remove the sublimation paper once the press is finished.

What Is It

SubliCotton Fabric material,(not paper) is an ultra thin polyester film material that adheres to the fabric. it can be used on any garment that is cotton or low polyester count as well as on dark garments.



Good washing fastness

Good rubbing fastness

water repellence


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19 X 28cm, 26 x 39cm


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