Neenah Jet-Opaque II (Dark) Paper 8.5 x 11


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Neenah Jet-Opaque II (Dark) Paper 8.5 x 11

Washing & Drying Recommendations for Garments Decorated with Ink-Jet Transfers:

 Garment should be washed and dried before wearing.

 Turn garment “Inside-Out” before washing.

 Wash in cold or warm water.

 Set your “Spin Cycle” to “Gentle” (or equivalent).

 Do not use bleach in the wash cycle.

 Do not use liquid fabric softener in the wash cycle.

 For first wash of garment, move garment to dryer when wash cycle is complete.

 Do not leave your garment “Wet” for extended period of time.

 Tumble dry with “Low Heat” or “Air Dry”.

 Fabric Dryer Sheets may be used.

 Do not iron garment without covering image with a “Non-Stick” parchment sheet.



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Dimensions 11 × 8.5 in


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