Epson pigment ink

WF-3620 WF-3640 WF-7610 WF-7620 3620 3640 7610 7620 7710 7720 

WF-3640 WF-3620 WF-7110 WF-7620 WF-7610 NEW WF-7710 WF7720 WF7210,

1. Imported raw materials, scientific formula manufacturers.

2. Smooth printing with nozzle, No clogging, no fettling and bending, suit for continous high-spped printing

3. Fast dry, good compatible for epson printer with stable performance, satisfied for high demands

4. this series pigment ink suitable for advertising, deep dark for MK color , can reach 3.6D, completely satisfied with graphic arts

5. Compatible for Epson 6 colors / 4 colors printer 


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Dimensions 4 × 5 in


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